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Shanghai Copper Spot Quote on August 10

From:Nantong Suhai Copper Industry Co., Ltd.  Time:2017/8/10 20:29:25  Visit:

MM, Aug. 10: Today, Shanghai Electrolytic Copper Spot offers a discount of 50 yuan/ton-Ping Shui for that month's contract. The transaction price of Ping Shui Copper is 50450 yuan/ton-50550 yuan/ton, and that of Shengshui Copper is 50480 yuan/ton-50580 yuan/ton. After adjusting the Shanghai copper futures high, the monthly base difference is basically stable in the range of 150-200 yuan/ton, and the market quotation is relatively stable. Due to the low quotation of good copper goods in the vicinity of Ping Shui, the price reduction space is limited. The proportion of imported copper in the supply of Pingshui copper is gradually increasing, and the holder has a strong willingness to cash out. The quotation is as low as 50 yuan per ton of discount. The price difference between imported copper and good copper is widened. The purchase price of wet copper discount is about 130 yuan per ton. The overall performance of the market is flat, the quotation is more loose, the transaction is difficult to improve substantially, and the atmosphere of caution and wait-and-see is still strong.


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