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What are the key points and precautions for semi-continuous casting of brass rods?

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(1) When the iron core at the power frequency feels that the content of zinc in the brass rod is more than 20% in the electric furnace smelting, the ignition may be used as the marker for the melt to reach the outlet temperature。 (2) When the forging speed of brass bar flat ingot is too fast to keep up with the cooling, the large surface of the ingot can appear concave sign due to insufficient compression supplement。 The brass rod with zinc content less than 20u/o still needs to be measured by thermocouple。 If the pouring temperature is on time, increasing the useful height of the mould may properly increase the cooling intensity, which can improve the forging rate to some extent。 (3) The power frequency iron core feels that the electric furnace is the melting and heat preservation equipment for the production of frugal and simple brass rod ingots。 (4) Borax is used as cage cover agent in forging, which may improve the primary cooling strength of the mould。 When the content of some impurity elements is slightly higher than that of lead, it can cause external cracks in ingots。 (5) When using borax as cage cover agent, one should bake dry, and the other should not be too large。 (6) Some large cross-section round ingots of brass bars are sensitive to the change of forging rate。 (7) On the premise that the cooling water flow is stable, the improvement of the mould height is helpful to the improvement of forging rate。 (8) The smaller the ingot size, the faster the forging rate。


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